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Home Nursing Care, Old People, Elderly, Wound Care, Wound Dressing, 洗伤口


WB Healthcare Nursing Services offers a complete range of support care services such as wound dressing, wound care and etc, to meet the needs of each individual patient in the comfort and privacy of home in Penang. We have a team of professional, caring and compassionate nurses to provide treatment and educate the patients and family members on medications, diet and nutrition, catheter and wound care. Our home nursing care team is here to give you peace of mind and we are just a call away to deliver compassionate healthcare to your doorstep.


Personalized Attention for All Your Health Related Needs

Home Nursing Care, Old People, Elderly, Wound Care, Wound Dressing, 洗伤口

Wound Dressing

Home Nursing Care, Old People, Elderly, Wound Care, Wound Dressing, 洗伤口

Bed Side Nursing

Home Nursing Care, Old People, Elderly, Wound Care, Wound Dressing, 洗伤口


Home-Visit Physiotherapy

Home Nursing Care, Old People, Elderly, Wound Care, Wound Dressing, 洗伤口

Hygiene Care

Elderly Care Consultation



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Within 24 hours for nursing procedures

Yes. In WB Healthcare, we emphasizes on premium healthcare services by professionals. Our nurses are experienced registered nurses.

We focus on providing home visit nursing services. We do not have a nursing care centre.


Ms Eunice

Farlim, Penang Island
"My mother, a diabetic patient, recently fell and suffered a major wound on her leg. As amputation is not an option, our alternative is to do daily dressing. For that, we are really glad to have engaged WB Healthcare a.k.a. Penang Home Nursing team. Everyone we have met is very friendly, patient and punctual. They are very knowledgeable and resourceful. Another thing that helped me a lot is their coaching of what to do in case of emergencies, like when mum experienced shortness of breath or sudden abdomen pain. Thanks to the tender loving care from WB Healthcare a.k.a. Penang Home Nursing team, mum is getting better by the day. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for nursing help !

Ms Vinnie

Bukit Mertajam
"My dad diagnosed last stage cancer, we brought him home as respect his decision to gave up on medications and enjoy the rest of his life at home. As this arrangement is a challenge for caregivers like mum and me, and dad’s basic excretion (feces and urine) still goes on and it is quite hard for us to handle, I have engaged WB Healthcare a.k.a. Penang Home Nursing for help as we have totally no experience in handling this. They came to us and understand our full story and provided the best services for us, not only help in taking care of my dad when we are not professional in handling patient, but also caring us by accompany us, sharing some experiences when dad almost passed. My dad left this world with a smile on his face and we enjoyed our last moments with him."

Mr Lai

Pulau Tikus, Penang Island
"Had the privilege of using WB Healthcare team for the past few months to look after both my aging parents. All the qualified nurses are well trained, very friendly and looked after my parents with patience, love and care. Very quick to respond, the nurses are always there in "minor emergencies" to provide professional help (e.g. replace NG Tubes and CBD Catheters). In addition, Warren was able to provide one of the best Physiotherapist in Penang to help my father gain back his strength and mobility after an extended stay in hospital. He also provided a qualified Dietician when my father subsequently transitioned into oral feeding, and under the Dietician's care, my father gained strength and weight, and his facial complexion became rosier. Home nursing is a good option where the person can be in the comfort of his or her own home, and yet be taken care of by qualified health professionals. Do contact them if you want your loved ones cared by a dedicated team of professionals that have the Skills and the Heart!"

Mr Cheong

Seberang Perai
"My father with critical condition last wish is to stay at home. It isnt a simple task to take care of a paralyzed patient with ryles feeding tube and tracheostomy. Without proper knowledge, dealing with bedsore, cleanliness, and nutrition, it could cause deadly symptom to patient. Truly appreciate WB Healthcare a.k.a. Penang Home Nursing that is just one call away to help out on-site. Other than this, they are trying their best to find out solutions for customized problems of each unique patient. It just like a friend that is always ready to give a helping hand."


Bukit Gambir, Penang Island


Monday – Sunday. 9AM – 9PM




Home Nursing Care, Old People, Elderly, Wound Care, Wound Dressing, 洗伤口
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